The Details

The Original Food Fix is about getting you out of “food prison.” By the time you finish the first 3 parts, you will know more about what to eat — and why — than most doctors learned in medical school. Yes, really. By the time you finish the final part, you will be back in charge of what you put on your fork, empowered to be free of cravings, know how to lose weight and keep it off, and know how to sidestep the mistakes that often lead to illness too early in life that will can derail your career, cut short your family life.

What goes on behind the scenes with manufactured food? Why did the government say in 2015 that “cholesterol is no longer a nutrient of concern for consumption”? Why is the low fat diet called the biggest dietary mistake in human history? What’s the fuss about organic, grassfed, gluten, and added sugars? Why are so many diseases said to start in the gut? What’s up with the ancestral, Paleo, and ketogenic diets? Is it really about eating less and exercising more? Let’s dig our forks into all that and more.

Part One

How many diets or New Year’s resolutions have you failed? Don’t answer that! We all have failed too many. But not for lack of willpower. Most diets are kind of gimmicky. What we really need to know is how to fuel our body for a lifetime of feeling energetic and thinking clearly. This is why The Original Food Fix™ was created. We will look at food labels for information that is much more important than the calorie count because different calories have different impacts on our hormones and metabolism. You will learn to recognize addictive foods in the grocery store that enslave us to come back for more, more, more even though we know on some level they are not good for us. And we bust a lot of junky myths about Fats because — surprise! — good fats can be a great “fix” for weight loss and health.

Part Two

If you wanted to give your worst enemy a drug to make that person look and feel a lot older than they really are, that drug would be Sugar. Do you know the healthy limits for added sugar? Do you know why sugar is called a “dirty fuel”? What’s the connection between sugar and depression, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and cancer? Are synthetic sugars better? How about fructose and agave? Did you know you can switch from being a sugar burner to being a fat burner? Yes you can! Learn how and grab onto another big “fix” for your weight and health goals.

Part Three

Not all Carbohydrates have the same effect on our hormones, how we store fat, and even our ability to focus and concentrate. Some carbs are great to put on your plate, and some not so much. You’ll be surprised to find out how much government crop subsidies and politics — not solid nutrition science — influence what we’ve been told to eat. Also, we dive into the fuss about gluten and wheat, raw versus cooked veggies, GMOs and glyphosate, soy and flax, white rice versus brown rice, to juice or not, and more.

Part Four

The standard American diet bestows many people with acid reflux, bloating, and potty problems. TV commercials would have us think we have too much stomach acid, when most people actually have too little — and that distinction can make a huge difference in how we manage our health. Do you know that our immune system is mostly rooted in our gut? Or that our gut is called “the second brain”? Our Digestive Process is an amazing thing! You’ll see the power of fermented foods and bone broth. It’s worth knowing what vitamins we get from animal foods, and which come mostly from plants. And we’ll gain some overdue respect for minerals, the spark plugs of life.

Part Five

Those outrageously bad government dietary guidelines — wherever did they come from? The answers are hidden behind curtains of politics and money, but we’ll look anyway. We’ll cruise through the Ancestral Diet, Paleo, ketogenic, and consider whether we can eat today as people did thousands of years ago. (Hint: yes and no.) You’ll see what the “Darwins of nutrition” like Dr. Weston A. Price have to tell us. You’ll get clarity on what “organic” and “grassfed” and “cage free” and other such terms mean. And you’ll see why our grandparents who moved around the farm everyday were in better physical shape than the modern-day cardio queen who hits the gym twice a week.

Part Six

Our genes are not our destiny. Turns out, our Epigenome is more influential. Food can tweak our genes to express for the better, or not. And this is fascinating — those tweaks are inheritable. When it comes to weight gain, chemicals play a role too. We’ll peek inside the body to see what chronic degeneration looks like. We’ll gain new appreciation for staying hydrated. Hippocrates, the “father of medicine,” recognized two thousand years ago that we need to “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Then how come today we have such a disconnect between medicine and nutrition? The history books tell us how that happened. And we’ll learn what we can eat today to encourage our genes to express in healthy ways, for our own future and that of our children.

When you complete Part 6, you can take the Fun Quiz. It’s optional, but we think you’ll like the challenge. When you complete the Fun Quiz, you will receive a Certificate of Completion: “This certifies that (your name) has completed all 12 hours of The Original Food Fix™, a 6-part series on ancestral dietary principles covering addictive foods, fats, sugars, carbohydrates, the digestive process, roles of minerals, fat- soluble and water-soluble vitamins, epigenetics, and historical trends in food and medicine.”

Your mentoring includes recipes, meal plans, and info for navigating the grocery store and restaurants. You CAN take control and eat for life and never “diet” again. Your transformation is waiting for you — stop struggling. Just click on the green TAKE THIS COURSE button.

“90% of the time when people go to the doctor looking for a cure, they get a drug, when the real answer is diet and lifestyle. People need to take their power back and heal themselves.”

— Gray Graham, NTP and founder, Nutritional Therapy Association